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Test kits for chemical residue control after disinfection

After the disinfection and hygiene process, it is important to detect residues of disinfectants / cleaners.

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After the disinfection or hygiene process, it is important to detect residues of disinfectants/cleaners.

Generally used disinfectants or chemicals used for disinfection / hygiene remain on the surface, inside the machine, or in the disinfected place after the process.

These residues can cause serious health problems.

Depending on the nature of the washers and disinfectants used, the impurities they may leave behind and some of our test kits available for these contaminants...

For a different residue test, you can write to us or select it in the related products section.

Disinfectants containing anionic detergents;

Test kit that can be used to detect the residue of disinfectants containing anionic surfactants (such as LAS, other sulfonates and sulphate esters).

It is colorimetric. In the presence of residue, phase separation occurs in the test tube. In the presence of detergent residue, the color of the gold in the tube changes to dark blue from the upper phase.

With this test kit, all impurities of 15 ppm and above are detected. Color intensity depends on concentration.

Online sales; Detergent Residue Test Kit - Anionic Detergents

Hypochlorite based disinfectants;

After treatments with hypochlorite-based disinfectants, whether hypochlorite remains in the process and the amount of residue can be measured.

It can be used to measure the amount of active ingredient in hypochlorite-based disinfectants.

Hypochlorite residue can cause health problems.

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Disinfectants based on Quaternary Ammonium compounds;

They are long-acting and dangerous compounds for human health. These chemicals generally leave residue.

With the QAC Test kit, post-process residues of disinfectants can be easily measured.

The amount of residue between 0-500 ppm can be measured with the test kit.

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