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pH 7.2 Buffer Solution - 10X Phosphate buffer

10X Phosphate buffer
Last update: 7 Mayıs 2024 , Salı

pH 7.2 10X Phosphate Buffer,

It is prepared for use by adding 1 liter of it to 10 liters with pure water.

pH 7.2 10X Phosphate Buffer is a concentrated buffer solution specially prepared for laboratories. Formulated based on Weise and pH buffered staining solutions, this buffer is used to stabilize the pH level in many biochemical and molecular biology applications. Optimum pH 7.2 provides the desired pH level in many laboratory processes.

Product features:
- Formulated for Weise and pH buffered staining solutions.
- Suitable for use in laboratory applications.
- Ideal for stabilizing the pH level and achieving consistent results.
- It is at 10X concentration. It is prepared for use by diluting it by the user.
- It does not contain any contamination.

pH 7.2 10X Phosphate Buffer is an excellent option for regulating pH and standardizing your results in your biochemical and molecular biology experiments in your laboratories. By working with a quality and reliable buffer solution, you will achieve the best results in your research and analysis.

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